It’s What’s Behind Our Products

Serving the world with our versatile range of steel products

Our steel operations revolve around our six electric arc furnace (EAF) steel mills and numerous value-added coating operations, enabling us to handle roughly 13 million tons of steel shipping. We take pride in offering one of the most diversified portfolios of value-added products within the domestic steel industry. Moreover, we’re dedicated to providing innovative supply-chain solutions that exceed customer expectations, delivering enhanced value.

Furthermore, we operate under a circular manufacturing model, which prioritizes the production of high-quality, lower-carbon-emission steel using EAF technology, where recycled ferrous scrap serves as the primary input. This approach establishes Fabrik as an EAF steelmaking and circular manufacturing industry leader. The tireless efforts of our innovative teams in implementing climate change initiatives will further elevate our standards for sustainable steel production in the future.

Fabrik not only excels in steel production through the Electric Arc Furnace method, but we also proudly operate the largest and most advanced Consteel™ EAF technology in USA.
At Fabrik, we stand out as the sole American mill that provides small lot deliveries while utilizing the proven U-O-E production technology, ensuring superior field performance
We take pride in ensuring reliable and efficient supply chains to meet the specific needs of our valued customers across various sectors.
Structural steel is a cost-effective construction material prized for its high strength-to-weight ratio, making it a vital component in buildings, roads, bridges, and various other structures.
Steel and titanium are prized in multiple industries for their durability and strength in harsh conditions. However, each material has unique properties suited to specific applications.