Arrabet Holding’s journey reflects a decade-long commitment to leading Morocco’s tech transformation. Our founders, Mohamed Benboubker and Youssef El Alaoui, have been at the helm, shaping Morocco’s tech landscape from the heart.

From founding Mobiblanc to establishing Arrabet Holding, our story exemplifies our proactive approach to technology’s ever-evolving landscape. We stay ahead of the curve, harnessing advanced tech and visionary insights to create a promising future. At Arrabet, we believe in addressing future challenges and seizing opportunities, making technology a driving force for progress.

Empowering the Tech Ecosystem for Growth Arrabet Holding is a strategic cornerstone of Morocco’s tech revolution. Our founders recognize the pivotal role of capital strength and investment support in positioning Morocco as a regional and international tech hub. We’re committed to fueling this transformation by channeling resources where they matter most.

With a comprehensive technological ecosystem, we cater to the needs of companies, talents, future leaders, and the nation’s ambitions. Our coverage extends across domains, offering a dynamic platform for innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Executive Team


Beyond capital, our founders, Mohamed Benboubker and Youssef El Alaoui, are respected opinion leaders and experts in the tech realm. They leverage their profound experience and current roles on the technology scene to drive meaningful change.

Their influence extends beyond Arrabet Holding, as they actively participate in government bodies, professional associations, and international firms, addressing cutting-edge issues and proposing innovative solutions. Their vision isn’t just to recruit talent; it’s to inspire and unite visionaries who share our mission—to propel Morocco into the global tech spotlight.


Arrabet Holding’s success story goes beyond numbers; it’s about empowerment and our steadfast commitment to progress. We’re not just building a company; we’re fostering a culture of success.

Our diverse workforce brings together varied backgrounds and perspectives, creating a unique corporate culture. We take pride in our shared heritage and collectively strive to shape a brighter tomorrow. Bound by our dedication to technological advancement, we stand together. If you’re ready to contribute to a transformative future, Arrabet Holding welcomes you.

Cultivating Talent for a Transformative Tomorrow


 Arrabet Holding reflects our unwavering commitment to advancing Morocco’s tech landscape. Our vision comes to life through dedication, expertise, and boundless ambition.

We’re resolute in creating an environment where every talent flourishes. At Arrabet, we embrace diversity and seek individuals with diverse talents, ideas, backgrounds, and experiences. Together, we drive innovative solutions, tech advancements, and strengthen our collective capabilities.

Our aim is to nurture a workplace where each employee feels accepted, respected, and empowered to unleash their potential, contributing their unique talents to elevate our company. Together, we make Arrabet Holding stronger, better, and more united, propelling the tech revolution in Morocco.