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CNC milling

Milling is a versatile machining method used in various industries to produce parts with precise dimensions, smooth surfaces, and complex geometries. It is commonly used in metalworking but can also be applied to other materials such as plastics and composites. Milling is a machining process that involves removing material from a workpiece using a rotating cutting tool.


At Fabrik, we provide two advanced types of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) processes designed to tackle the most challenging manufacturing requirements. Our EDM capabilities excel in cutting deep pockets, intricate features like gears, and keyway holes, all while preserving the integrity of delicate structures.


When it comes to cylindrical parts like pins, shafts, and spacers, as well as components with rotational symmetry, turning them on a lathe is often the most straightforward and cost-effective method. Unlike a mill, a lathe operates by securing a cylindrical stock, commonly known as a rod, into a rotating chuck jaw on the machine.


Hobbing is a versatile machining process used to cut gear features on both metal and non-metal parts. By employing a cutting tool called a hob, gear teeth (or splines) are incrementally formed into a cylindrical workpiece. Hobbing enables the creation of a wide range of gear shapes and sizes, including spur gears, worm gears, and bevel gears.

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